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i.         Amax Real Estate Sdn Bhd, Amax Valuers Sdn Bhd and Amax property management Sdn Bhd (Amax Group – previously known as Allworth Real Estate, Allworth Valuers and Allworth Property Management) were established in September 2014 managed by two shareholders, i.e. Mr. Jeffrey Ong and Ms. Jolene Teo.

ii.        A real estate institution which specialties ranging from development advisory, project marketing, property consultancy business, expatriate leasing, valuation to property management.

iii.      A joint venture agreement is sealed between Amax Property Management with APM (Malaysia) Limited, a subsidiary of ARA Asset Management Limited Singapore (ARA is listed on the main board of the SGX). 

iv.       In year 2015, Amax Group ventured into Australia with set up of real estate office in Melbourne, namely ARE Property Pty Ltd.

v.        Amax Real Estate, Amax Valuers and Amax Property Management are registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia.

vi.       ARE Property Sdn Bhd is set up to be the development and investment arm of the Group.


i. 泓奕房地产有限公司泓奕估价师与泓奕物业管理有限公司(泓奕集团 - 目前称为泓奕房地产,泓奕估价师以及产业管成立于2014年9月由两位股东管理,分别是Mr. Jeffrey Ong and Ms. Jolene Teo

      ii. 一个房地产机构的特色包括发展咨询,项目营销,房地产咨询业务,外籍租赁,产业管理估值。

     iii. 泓奕集团物业管理与新加坡ARA资产管理有限公司(ARA在新加坡证券交易所主板上市)的子公司APM(Malaysia)Limited订了合资协

     iv. 2015年,泓奕集团进入澳大利亚,在墨尔本设立房地产办事处,即ARE Property Pty Ltd .


      vi. 泓奕房地产有限公司设置为集团的发展和投资部门